Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSOC) is a opportunity for university aged students aged 18+ to learn about and participate in open source communities. The contest runs from May – August each year, but the timeline for applying begins earlier.


Google Summer Of Code 2016

Ubuntu applied as a mentoring organization, however we were NOT accepted.

Many thanks to all of the mentors and students who expressed interest in working on Ubuntu projects this year! We hope to work with you in a future GSOC.

I want to be a student

We trust you will enjoy working on Ubuntu. Welcome to the community!

The following section will help you making sure you can work with Ubuntu as your project.

How to become a student for Ubuntu ›

I want to be a mentor

Community members are needed to help create projects and mentor students.

As part of mentoring, you will work 1 on 1 with a student to develop the project. You will also serve as an ambassador for ubuntu to help connect the student with the rest of the community.

Learn more about becoming a mentor ›

A few projects ideas

to get you started

  • Implement a Vulkan renderer for Mir
  • Create a Django webapp for Ubuntu on Air
  • Ubuntu Core media center based on Kodi
  • Calendar app: Add iCalendar support

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For full details, including the timeline, see the Google Summer of Code website and Check out Google’s GSOC FAQ.


If you want to discuss an idea, or if you have any concerns or suggestions, you are welcome to send a message to our mailing list,

You can also reach us on our IRC channel, #ubuntu-google on freenode

Previous participations

Ubuntu has taken an active role in GSOC several times in the past and provided support and guidance for many contributions to the wider open source community: