Ubuntu On Air

Ubuntu On Air is an online show which can be found at www.ubuntuonair.com. It gives you an immediate glimpse into the world of the people who make Ubuntu. It uses video streams (Google+ Hangouts on Air), which can be watched live, but which are recorded as well.

You can check the archive of all past sessions at www.youtube.com/UbuntuOnAir. The topics are quite diverse: some teams give very basic overviews over how their projects work, developers run Q&A sessions, have online discussions or present new ideas. These are not tied to Ubuntu Development, but shows the whole range of the Ubuntu community.

On the site you can get in touch with the guests of the show as well. No matter who’s on, if it’s a new contributor, a seasoned engineer, a team manager at Canonical or anyone else, on www.ubuntuonair.com you can ask all the questions you have during the live programmes as well.

You can check the upcoming events and sessions at www.ubuntuonair.com/calendar. If you have a suggestion for future sessions, or want to propose a guest, make sure to let us know by sending an email to onair@ubuntu.com, or by pinging jose on irc.freenode.net.