Google Code In

Google Code In (GCI) is a opportunity for high school students to learn about and participate in open source communities. Mentoring organizations create tasks and review the students work. Google then provides rewards for those students who do the best work.  The contest runs from December through January each year. Ubuntu was selected as a mentoring organization for GCI 2015. We hope to particpate again in 2016. For more information, see the Google Code In Page. Still have questions? Check out the FAQ.

For students, we trust you will enjoy working on ubuntu. Welcome to the community!

For community members, we are looking for mentors to help create tasks and mentor the students. Mentors help students with tasks, answer questions, and ultimately review the task to mark it as complete. As a mentor you will:

  • Create tasks for students to work on
  • Review completed tasks
  • Help students if they have questions while working on a task

Check out the Mentoring FAQ for more information about volunteering.