Community structure

The Ubuntu Community is an amazing place. It is a place filled with amazing people, motivation, determination and a real sense of working together. With the right people and the right ingredients almost anything is possible.

A worldwide community spanning not just countries, but disciplines, skills and more. Ubuntu’s community is open and governed by the independent Community Council.

The governance landscape of Ubuntu looks like this:

  • Community Council – makes decisions about community processes and provides a place where community members and other leaders can resolve conflict.
  • Technical Board – decided on technical policy for the project. Note that the Technical Board does not choose features and packages that go into Ubuntu, that is something the wider community works on.
  • LoCo Council – leads the LoCo Teams community as well as reviewing and reviewing Verified LoCo Team applications.
  • IRC Council – leads the IRC and IRC operator community and ensures our IRC channels are operating in a safe and respectful manner.
  • Forums Council – leads the Ubuntu Forums community and it’s moderators.
  • Membership Boards – this is where community contributors can apply to become Ubuntu members.
  • Developer Membership Board – reviews applications for developers to get upload access to the Ubuntu archives.